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For one of the best door suppliers in Medford, make sure  you stop by Moore’s Doors and Trim LLC. You’ll find entry doors, closets, barn doors, bathroom doors, and attic access doors from your list of quality vendors and manufacturers. You can also find commercial doors for your office or commercial building.

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Door Material Choices


Wood is the most popular choice for exterior doors, they are beautiful and easy to customize. With many types of wood to choose from, you will get the look you want.  

Choosing the right finish will enhance the door even more.

Insulated Steel

Insulated steel offers energy efficiency, security, durability and requires little maintenance. They can be painted in any color and are offered in many different styles.

Steel doors are typically less expensive than wood or fiberglass.

Insulated Fiberglass

Insulated fiberglass is strong and durable without the threat of warping. With finishes that mimic wood making them a very popular and beautiful choice.

Susceptible to fading and typically one of the most expensive options.


Aluminum doors are very durable, tough, and energy efficient. They are very low maintenance, with wood-grain or smooth finishes that won’t chip or rust.

Aluminum work well as patio doors.  


Vinyl is often used for patio doors, and it is typically the lowest-priced frame option. Vinyl is energy efficient and requires little maintenance.

When it comes to colors, you will be limited.


Glass is the most common patio door style. You can choose a sliding patio door or French patio doors are very popular. Glass doors offer you maximum light for your home.

Available in many different materials.